Ambon and Osi, a glimps above sea level

A selection of pictures taken during the first half of my research trip

Location: Ambon and Osi, Ceram, Indonesia

Night Fishing

A fisherman gets settles for a nights fishing.

Enter Together

We saw a group of dolphins breaking the surface, presumably hunting and went to take a closer look. We could drive the boat straight through them and they would swim with us for some time, breaking the surface on either side of the boat which made taking pictures quite a challenge.

Sunset Over Kotania Bay

Watching the sunset after a long session of snorkeling and underwater identification transects.

Full Moon

During this time of the year the moon was rising particularly early (~17:00), and with it being a full moon as well made for some interesting lighting effects. The fisherman is heading out for a nights fishing and has to clear the shallows before starting up the engine.

Kotania Bay

Hill side view of the research area, Kotania Bay.

Entertainment For Young and Old

A common form of entertainment throughout the area is cock fighting. It seems this interest starts at an early age and young children can be seen walking around with their roosters trying to get them to square off.

Marsegu Island

“Bat” island located on the left half of the picture. At dusk thousands of bats will leave the island to go on their nightly trip to forage.

Osi Bridge

Part of the bridge which leads to the P. Osi. The bridge goes straight through the mangroves.

Eastern Great

The Eastern Great Egret, looks for little morsels to eat around the village.

Fishing Youth

Fishing is an activity done by everyone, young, old, male, female, it doesn’t matter. Its a way of life. Nothing gets wasted. If the fish isn’t dinner worthy then its bait. If its not bait it’ll be used as food to feed the captive fish.

National Choir Championships

In 2012 the national Choir championships were held in Ambon. I was lucky enough to be front row (VIP) for some part of the morning. Each group sang one song which was uniform for all groups, and one song which was native from their area of origin. Most were dressed for it too.

Sunrise Over Osi

In the first few weeks I would get up around 4-5 in the morning (due to jetlag?) and sit on the porch enjoying the mesmerizing sunrises.

Osi Peer

The peer in Osi is around 350-400 meters long. It is not used a lot at this moment, but kids go to jump off it, teenagers go for some privacy. People (including myself) do some fishing form the peer. On the wood the kids like to write in ink from the squids they catch. The reason it is not used a lot is because the boats are all stowed next to the houses anyways. This peer was meant to be for the bigger (tourist) boats.

Osi Youth

There are a lot of children in the village. In Osi there are about 200 houses. There is one mosque and an elementary school. The older children have to walk about 4km (over the wooden bridge through the mangroves) to the next town to go to school there. Because there are so many children in the village it is sometimes difficult to get some peace and quite…

Sunset in Ambon

This picture I took in on the first weekend in Ambon. We stopped along the road to buy some fruits. I took the opportunity to play around with my camera which I had picked up just earlier that week


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